Interval Madness 8/29

Intervals 8/29

Warm-up: Mobilizers, Toy Soldiers, Jog, high knees, butt kicks, shuffles

Stations: 30 Seconds each 30 seconds rest 2x through then rotate with one minute rest in between

  • Box jumps-Med ball squat throw-Deadlift upright row-Bosu up downs-Jump Rope
  • Step runs-Rainbow Medball-Push Press-Bosu Burpee-Jump Rope
  • Push-ups-Medball partner pass-Speed row-Bosu side jumps-Jumping jack squats
  • Dips-Shuffle and pass-Forward half runs-Bosu side squats-Jumping jack
  • All together trivia: Jumping Jacks, fast feet hand slams, Mountain Climbers


-Plank Side walks 2minutes on 30 off 2x (# times through contest)

-Bear Crawls 2minutes on 30 off 2x (# times through contest)


-Alt. hand and foot




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Beat The Freshmen 15

College is one of the most exciting times of your life.  The college town atmosphere in Gainesville and the ever present Gator spirit are highly contagious.  Unfortunately some unwanted habits can also creep up on us. 

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Total Body 8/6/2012

Total Body 8/6/2012 with Raphael

Warm-ups: Mobilizers(figure 8, step, anterior step and reach, step and twist, lateral step and reach, ice skater w/ground touch, squat with hip direction, Heart rate: Jog and arms circles, hi knees with arms, skiers)

Execution: 30seconds each with optional pulse and 30 seconds rest

Lower Body:

  • Jumping squats and Lunge w/OH press
  • Unilateral lat lunge w/knee up with single leg deadlifts
  • Back jumping jack squat w/Romanian deadlift
  • Front squat and sumo squats

Cardio: 30 on/off 3 sets each

  • Lateral Squat jump
  • Over and back runs
  • Rainbows

Upper and core:

  • Glute bridge w/DB Press and alternating plank row
  • Jumping push press with bent raises with DB row
  • Reciprocating row with DB squat to OH press
  • Zottman Curl with Standing skull crushers
  • Wipers with plank walk-out
  • Alt. oblique crunch with explosive situp with crunch

Cool down and stretch


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