Freelance Writing

Raph has worked with a variety of websites and content producers.  With certifications galore and a Bachelors of Business Administration and a Masters of Exercise Science both from the University of Florida he’s a reliable source of information.

Having lead and launched multiple content based marketing projects he understands how to reach different audiences and importantly how to work effectively and reach high pressure deadlines.

His primary focus is on fitness, health and nutrition but he more than dabbles in the business realm.  He has an adaptable style to target any audience from the skeptical Phd student to the addicted gym dweller.

Even though he can throw around the jargon and break down research like any grad student worth his salt (and sweat) he prides himself on his ability to communicate.  He believes that if you truly understand something and are going to teach it, you should be able to teach it to anyone.  Making the complicated simple (and humorous upon demand) is what he truly prides himself on.

The right information deserves to spread and it deserves to spread to anyone, regardless of their background.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 30, 300 or a few thousand words, no message is too simple or too staggering for Raph.

To inquire about hiring him for some word voodoo simply Contact Raph

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