Group Fitness Instructors Learn and Teach

Broccoli Syndrome

As kids many people hate broccoli, they just hate it and their parents forced them to eat it. Years later when they recover from these traumatic force feedings they find that broccoli may not be the worst thing ever. The same can be said for exercise. I’ll admit it, I hated burpees. They felt like torture and although I knew they were a great exercise I never did them nor forced anyone to. Finally I decided that I could live with 40 total seconds of them in class to switch things up. After all there was the chance that some people enjoyed them. After that day I put in some type of burpee in every intervals class. It felt good to jack my heart rate up, move as fast as I could, and not have to worry about launching a body bar across the room like a spear from 300. You might not enjoy an exercise at first but everything deserves a second chance whether it’s broccoli or burpees.

Power of the Group

People at all levels of working out from Pro’s to Joes eventually find themselves working out by themselves. I enjoy working out by myself at times, the mental focus is high and you do exactly what you want. On the other hand a partner can be motivating to step up the intensity and making sure you don’t get crushed. The confidence of having a spotter can make all the difference on intense lifts like squats. The effects of training with a partner are multiplied in the group fitness class. As an instructor I feel obligated to use the heavier weights and go faster and harder than everyone else while yelling out some motivational cues. As a participant there is always someone in the class that is going to either go faster or be nipping at your heels like a wild puma. If you stray from group fitness I highly encourage you to give a shot and you might just find yourself pushing it to new limits and upping your motivation for your other workouts.


Workouts can be intense aaand fun at the same time? My definition of a fun workout usually means picking some random exercises that I like and combining them together for an overall tough workout, working the core, energy systems, and just random little things I would like to improve. I call them fun because they are random and do not necessarily fit into my overall goals. Group fitness has shown me that this is more than okay that it’s Grrrreat!!!. Switching it up and doing more ‘fun’ workouts is inspiring. You remember the pure joy of working out. You get to move your body in all kinds of crazy patterns and show yourself that there are benefits from workouts that do not match up exactly with your goals. Your body and mind come back more refreshed than ever from the break in monotony and you still got a solid workout. The moral is, whatever your goal may be throw your training a curve ball and let yourself lose the seriousness in working out a bit.

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