Interval Madness 1/23

Interval Madness 1/23

Interval Training Madness

Warm-up: Mobilizers, Squat shuffle, Toy Soldiers, Jog, high knees, butt kicks, shuffles, Jumping Jacks, Simon Says

Stations: 30 Seconds each, 20 seconds rest 2x through then rotate with 1 minute rest in between rounds

All Together: Tabata: Fast Feet shuffle w/ Jumping Jack w/ high knee w/Mountain Climbers

Round/Equipment Steps Bosu Gliders Medball Body Bar
1. Jump Overs Walk-ups Push-up Squat pass Power Rows
2. Plank hop overs Shuffles Prowler push Plank pass Push Press

Three Stations:

Bosu: Jump ups-Burpees

Bodyweight: Jumping Jacks-Jumping Lunges

Obstacle Course: Ladders-3 options

Medicine Ball roll game


Cool-down and stretch


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