Intervals 1/30/13

Interval Training by Raph

Warm-up: Mobilizers, Squat shuffle, Toy Soldiers, Jog, high knees, butt kicks, shuffles, Jumping Jacks, Simon Says

Intervalssss: Russian Dance, Mountain Climbers, Jumping Jack, 7 seconds each

All together: 30 Seconds Each 2 times through: 7minutes

-Plank Walks, Bear crawls, Fast Feet, Frog jumps, Lateral High Knees, Skips.

Cone Drills: 3 Lines: 1 minute on 30 seconds off 3 times: 5 minutes

Stations: 30 seconds on 15 off 3 times: 25-30 minutes

Round/Equipment Stairs Bosu Med Ball Bosu
1. Speed Step-up OH Press Swings Shift and jump
2. Box Jumps Half burpee OH Throw Shift 180 Jump

Get mats

Minute to Win it: Burpees, Plank Walk-ups

Core-bata: Shifts, Hip thrust, Spiderman, Crunch 4 minutes

Cool-down and stretch


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