See what my past and current clients have to say about our experiences and successes together.

“Raphael pushed me harder than I could push myself when I work out alone.  When I traveled he gave me workouts I could do in the hotels that challenged me.  He is very prepared for every workout and always had a great variety of exercises for us to do.”

Kyle C. Lost 22 pounds in two and a half months while increasing strength and cardiovascular performance

“He built a weekly split for me, and we worked on multiple new exercises that I had never done.  We started with breaks between sets of about two-three minutes, but by my final two training sessions, I was taking 45-60 second breaks.  I noticed a significant increase in my ability to perform with an elevated heart rate.    Before training with Raphael, I had never attempted a variety of exercises: namely Squats and Deadlifts.  I am now very confident in my ability to perform each of these exercises correctly and safely.  Every session, I was encouraged to raise my level of intensity; and with each session, I found myself pushing further and further.  I was able to set personal bests in two weeks not only on the lift that initially made me ‘woozy,’ but also a plethora of other exercises.  I believe it was no accident that I was able to make so much progress in just six sessions.    He suggested that I start keeping a notebook with my weights, sets, reps and exercises.  After only about two weeks of doing so, I am already able to see how helpful it is.    I gained 5 pounds of muscle in just over two weeks.  I am a hard-gainer, so this was incredible to see.  I had never done any core work before training with Raphael, either.  Now I am able to do more situps, planks variations, and crunches than I ever was before.  I notice a significant increase in my stamina on many other exercises because of my new-found core strength.

It felt good to know that I was never wasting any sets, and therefore never wasting any time.

He’s extremely knowledgeable about personal fitness.  He also explains things with easily visualized terms.  He wouldn’t let me settle for anything less than my maximum effort.  He listens to questions/concerns and provides helpful solutions.”

-John H. Hypertrophy, cardiovascular performance, and lower body strength

I liked the variety of circuits he put together. He is good at encouraging me, and taught me everything I wanted to learn and focus on.

-Christine T. Increasing fitness knowledge and conditioning to effectively learn to train on her own

Raphael motivates me and encourages me to work hard and stay on track with my goals. He is a really good trainer!

-Courtney J. Weight loss and conditioning

Raphael has been very encouraging during sets and always pushes me the right amount by recognizing the difference between what is good and what is too much.  He always asked what I liked and didn’t like after a session and would tailor the next one to meet my preferences.  He knew a lot about diet and supplements and was always really positive and encouraging. He has a great knowledge about exercises and an ability to keep the workouts fresh but relevant to your goals.

-John L. Weight loss, improving overall fitness level