Total Body 8/6/2012

Total Body 8/6/2012 with Raphael

Warm-ups: Mobilizers(figure 8, step, anterior step and reach, step and twist, lateral step and reach, ice skater w/ground touch, squat with hip direction, Heart rate: Jog and arms circles, hi knees with arms, skiers)

Execution: 30seconds each with optional pulse and 30 seconds rest

Lower Body:

  • Jumping squats and Lunge w/OH press
  • Unilateral lat lunge w/knee up with single leg deadlifts
  • Back jumping jack squat w/Romanian deadlift
  • Front squat and sumo squats

Cardio: 30 on/off 3 sets each

  • Lateral Squat jump
  • Over and back runs
  • Rainbows

Upper and core:

  • Glute bridge w/DB Press and alternating plank row
  • Jumping push press with bent raises with DB row
  • Reciprocating row with DB squat to OH press
  • Zottman Curl with Standing skull crushers
  • Wipers with plank walk-out
  • Alt. oblique crunch with explosive situp with crunch

Cool down and stretch


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