Total Body Blast 9/24

Total Body Blast 9/17/2012 with Raphael

Warm-ups: Mobilizers(anterior step and reach, lateral step and reach, good morning, squat and reach, posterior lunge and reach, figure 8,  Heart rate: Bosu Walk on and off, Lateral, combined with arm movements)

Execution: 30seconds each with 15 second rest

Equipment: Body Bar, Dumbbells, Bosu

Total Body:

  1. Shifting Bosu squat with half burpees
  2. Bosu Lunges with bosu RDLs
  3. Bosu squats with front squats
  4. Single leg RDL with Bosu Jumping Jack

Cardio: Gator Game Trivia (Score, Years in a row, Opponent)

  1. Bosu Mountain Climbers
  2. Bosu burpees
  3. Push Presses with Speed rows

Total Body:

  1. Bosu pushups with DB Row with Jumping Jacks
  2. Bosu renegade row with Curl & Arnolds with lat raises
  3. Up Down Planks with lying DB Extensions

Tabata Abs:

  1. Bosu Double Crunch
  2. Bosu Crunch

Cool-down and stretch

Motivational Quotes of the Work-out:

“No matter what you do you’re still beating everyone that’s in bed sleeping in, but don’t just beat them by a little beat them by A LOT!”

“You might not be able to do the most reps or use the heaviest weights but you can and will work the hardest!”

“You can train and make this work-out matter or you can just go through it and exercise, you know what’s best, let’s train with a purpose right here right now!”


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