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“I lost 22 pounds in 10 weeks with Raphael. Raphael pushed me harder than I could push myself.  When I traveled he gave me workouts I could do in the hotels that challenged me.  He is very prepared for every workout and always had a great variety of exercises for us to do.”

Kyle C. – Weight Loss

“Raphael has been very encouraging during sets and always pushes me the right amount by recognizing the difference between what is good and what is too much.  He always asked what I liked and didn’t like after a session and would tailor the next one to meet my preferences.  He knew a lot about diet and supplements and was always really positive and encouraging. He has a great knowledge about exercises and an ability to keep the workouts fresh but relevant to your goals.”

John L. – Lose Weight and Build Muscle

“I gained 5 pounds of muscle in just over two weeks. I am a hard-gainer, so this was incredible to see…I was able to set personal bests in two weeks not only on the lift that initially made me ‘woozy,’ but also a plethora of other exercises.”

John H. – Build Muscle

“Raphael motivates me and encourages me to work hard and stay on track with my goals. He is a really good trainer!”

Courtney J. – Weight Loss

About Raph

Raph’s the name and fitness is my game. My goal is to help you become at least a teeny tiny bit healthier. Side effects such as looking great, feeling like the top dog and not feeling guilty about treating yourself to delicious foods may occur (You can thank my girlfriend Rachel for that last one – she’s an incredible chef).

I’ve worked in fitness the last decade and looking forward to decades to come!