Why Get a Coach?

Accountability. Time. Confidence.  

Three huge reasons you should hire a coach.

Most people seek out a coach or training partner to keep them accountable.  It’s someone you can’t bullshit and someone you can’t make excuses too.  Like you can’t look your dog in the eye and say you’re too busy to go for a walk then plop down to watch TV, you can’t make up fake excuses to your coach.

Time is the number one reason people say they don’t exercise.  Coaches work with your schedule and make training work for you.  It’s a lifestyle not an ultimatum to put your whole life on hold or abandon everything you’re doing.  You’ll save time with a coach.  You don’t spend time thinking about what you should be doing, how much of it or how often, we got you.  A coach is there to get you results in the quickest amount of time using the least amount of your time.

Nothing is worse than spending countless hours in the gym wondering if it’s even making a difference.  Even worse is using a program then doubting it every training session.  Coaches know what they’re doing when they design your program.  They know your goals, they know your body, they know their program will work.  You have someone who can objectively and subjectively design and alter a program just for you.  They know what results to expect and they know how to change course depending on your body’s reaction.  Quit worrying and wasting time, be confident in the gym and confident in your program, get a mother bumpin’ coach!

Why Get Coaching From Raph?

Raph has a decade of experience in training for results and for fun.  Holding a Masters of Exercise Science from UF, PTA Global CPT and a bunch more fancy certifications he’ll get your body where you want it to be.  He won’t literally pick you up and take you there himself but he’ll tell you exactly what to pick up, put down, how much to, how often every little detail you’ll need for success.  Hell ,he might even let you pick him up and put him down, just not WWE style.

It’s About to Go Down

Currently you can schedule a phone/video speed dating meeting to see if getting “Fit With Raph” is a good match for both parties.   You can join up with Raph for programs that emphasize fat lossbuilding muscle or for the advanced and super motivated gymaholics, a recomposition program which builds muscle and burns fat (At the same damn time!).

Depending on what you want, most programs include the following for $50 a month:

  • Exercise program outlining all training variables (Sets, reps, rest, tempo…you name it)
  • Instructions on how to do each exercise
  • Macronutrient guidelines (How much fat, carbs and protein to eat, basically a calorie break down)
  • Video or phone chats to make sure you’re happy and progressing
  • Email questions or concerns with a guaranteed less than 24 hours response time
  • A friend or foe, I’m here to motivate you how you want to be motivated